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Japanese innovation in the UK. W2. It's a Win-Win.

Hi! We're W2.

We're Japan's Number One eCommerce platform, with 16 years’ of experience in the development of all-in-one eCommerce and CRM systems. We've now moved to the UK, and have brought our award winning, innovative eCommerce solutions with us.

Our customers have told us they join us for 5 reasons:
- Our ability to increase their sales growth revenue (by 354% on average!).
- Our all-in-one eCommerce platform, with over 800 standard features.
- Our flexibility, and ability to customise and develop our platform 100% in-house.
- Our customer success - it’s not just customer support!
- Our security strength.

We don’t just launch your website and send you out into the world - we provide Japanese hospitality with full support, responding to inquiries or requests from eCommerce businesses well after implementation, and helping you grow your sales and marketing strategy throughout the process.

We want to give you life-time value, and partner with you to take your eCommerce to the next level.

That's why W2 means win-win!

" Many of the customers who watched the demonstration were pleased, and said, 'Yeah, yeah! I've wanted this!' It was an extremely happy moment for me."
w2solution Co., Ltd Company CEO
Daiki Yamada
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Our Clients

Who has benefited from “Win-Win” so far?

Our Clients

Who has benefited from “Win-Win” so far?

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W2 see our clients as partners, and we want to grow alongside them. When you're ready to benefit from an average increase of 354% in sales growth, we're ready to help.
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