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We deliver robust and scalable online stores
Our solutions are comprehensive, covering all aspects of front and back-end eCommerce infrastructure. We build eCommerce platforms 100% in-house that scale alongside your business, without limitations.
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eCommerce Management

CRM & Profile Management

Full CRM functionality that informs your eCommerce strategy

Customise user profiles to include the information that matters to you. User information can be manually entered, bulk uploaded or filled from customer account creation via your website. Set varying levels of user admin access for different members of your team. Already have a database that needs re-platforming? We’ll handle the migration and consolidation of data onto our platform.
CRM & Profile Management
Order Management
Order Management

Configure, organise and automate processes for incoming orders

View and manage your order information. We offer a customer experience that matches your requirements, with everything from guest purchases to custom subscriptions all managed from one place. Reduce repetitive procedures by creating workflows that automate specific order information, such as delivery, payments and user profiles.
Product & Inventory Management

Manage unlimited products, categories and tags from a single location

Integrate with real store stock systems and manage offline and online stock from a single location, our cloud-based management screen. Display both In-store and online stock live on your website, paving the way to an omni-channel strategy. Looking to integrate your POS system? We’ll work with your provider to ensure all your data is in one place.
Inventory management
Real Store Management
Real Store Management

Manage online and offline stock from a single location

Integrate with real store stock systems and manage offline and online stock from a single location, our cloud-based back-end. Display both In-store and online stock live on your website to improve the customer buying experience.
Marketplace Management

Sell where your customers are by integrating with any marketplace

Deliver an omnichannel experience across all your selling channels. No more updating images and descriptions for each marketplace. By connecting with any marketplace you can manage products and SKUs directly from the W2Cloud Platform Suite.
Marketplace Management
Multi-Vendor Functionality
Multi-Vendor Functionality

A multi-vendor solution that scales alongside your business

Whether you’re looking to expand your product offering or create an innovative new marketplace our multi-vendor capabilities are flexible and scalable. Our all-in-one platform allows for the creation of marketplaces with unlimited vendors with separate vendor panels and advanced pay-out systems. Allowing vendors to manage their settings and products while you enjoy automated pay-outs that streamline operations.
Recommendation Settings

Increase sales, basket sizes and customer satisfaction with recommendation algorithms

Boost your store revenue without increasing traffic with product recommendation algorithms. React to user behaviour with advanced selling methods such as cross-selling, upselling and bundling related and recommended products.
Recommendation Settings Icon

Marketing Suite

Reporting & Analytics

Powerful analytics, insights and reporting to fuel growth

Make informed decisions that affect positive change with our analytics dashboard. Analyse individual page performance and connect to your advertising channels. Additionally, we offer consultative insights that combine your data with our 16 years of eCommerce experience.
Reporting & Analytics
Website Member Ranking
Member Ranking

Improve customer lifetime value with our customisable member ranking system

Drive customer loyalty through our member ranking system that is tailored to align with your business model. Reward customers with positive buying habits with points, coupons and discounts.
CRM Promotional Target Lists

Advance promotional capabilities based on customer information from our CRM system

Create target lists to market to or automatically send personalised emails based on selected customer actions. Include promotional incentives [link] to bring customers back to your website and encourage repeat purchases.
CRM Marketing Lists
Points & Coupon Promotions
Points & Coupon Management

Reward customers, encourage repeat purchases and increase revenue

Our points, coupons, and discount options allow you to strategically improve customer LTV. Craft automated promotional strategies for contacts in our cloud-based CRM system. Send promotions campaigns to targeted lists and measure results.
Automated behavioural communication

Marketing and operational automation that reduces repetitive tasks

Align your marketing strategy with customer behaviour data captured in your CRM. Enjoy automated communication that improves operational efficiency and can be optimised based on results.
Automation behavioural communication
Subscriptions & Recurring Payments
Subscriptions & Recurring Payments

Increase customer retention with scheduled and dynamic payment options

Simplify the payment process and entice returning customers by letting users buy subscriptions alongside regular purchases. Scale your business by developing long-term relationships with customers and develop new offerings that increase customer LTV.

Customer Support System

Support Analytics & Reporting

Make informed adjustments to your support strategy

Highlight inefficiencies and reward great work with detailed support analytics. Easily manage your customer support team with efficient reporting.
Customer Support Analytics
Incident Management
Incident Management

Provide great customer support from a single location

Organise and address all customer calls and emails from the W2Cloud platform suite. Our customer support software helps you deliver exceptional customer experiences with incident ranking, operator response trees and detailed analytics. If an issue becomes too technical your designated customer success manager is here to help.
Custom Offers & Substitutions

Turn complaints into compliments through points, discounts, and coupons

Create custom discounts to send to individuals, turning complaining customers into advocates. Enjoy the flexibility to customise the offer you send or configure structured problem resolution strategies and templates.
Custom Offers & Substitutions
Support Query Categories
Query Categories

Categorise and rank queries according to urgency and operator delegation

Maintain a strong brand reputation by addressing urgent issues first. Prioritise and delegate queries for an organised and logical approach to customer support.
Support & Admin Settings for Operators

Improve efficiency, consistency and autonomy for your support team

Provide easily accessible example answers and scripts for your customer support workers. Ensuring a consistent tone of voice, clarity of communication and reduce human error. Prioritise script creation with support analytics data. Moreover, customise admin access levels for your support staff, allowing you to align staff authority with autonomy. View individual staff results and reward success with greater autonomy.
Customer Support Settings
Website Live Chat
Website Live Chat Functionality

Address queries immediately, providing an exceptional customer experience

With live chat, you give customers a way to reach you at the exact moment that they have questions or problems they can't solve. Leading to higher satisfaction rates that fuel your sales.

Website Management (CMS)

In-house developed websites

100% in-house developed websites that match your requirements

We work to your requirements, combining your vision with our 16 years of in-house website development. We build eCommerce websites that offer your customers both form and function. Already working with a 3rd party you love? We will partner with them and work together.  Do we want to mention our flexibility to work with 3rd party?
In-house developed
Headless eCommerce
Headless eCommerce

Enjoy enterprise capabilities without changing your brand image

Combine the capabilities of our back-end with all your business tools and custom storefronts. We will integrate with all the systems your business counts on, ensuring smooth platform migrations. Take a modular approach to business development by updating or editing elements of your tech stack when it suits you.
Website Designer Portal

Quick and simple website adjustments with no coding experience required

Easily make changes to your website from our designer portal. No need to rely on outsourced development for small adjustments. Ensure customers have a great experience on any device by customising website layout for multiple screen sizes.
Website Designer Portal
Product Ranking
Product Ranking

Automate or manually select your “Best Selling” products and prioritise their exposure

Promote selected products and feature them at the top of customer searches and product listings. Reduce repetitive tasks by automating “Out of stock” notices. Test and optimise listing strategies to achieve the best sales results.
Landing Page Builder

Support your campaigns with relevant landing pages created in our intuitive design software

Tailor your customers buying journey by sending them to relevant landing pages, improving customer experience and campaign ROI.
Landing Page Builder
eCommerce SEO
SEO Settings

Automatic SEO configuration for each product listing

Work with our specialists to create an automated SEO strategy that keeps on working for you. With our support, you don’t need to be an SEO specialist to give your products great exposure.
Content Management

Simple management of website content, from banners to product listings

Seamlessly upload and update products whenever you require. Craft and upload seasonal stock listings and switch them out at the click of a button.
Content Management
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