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Our solutions are comprehensive, covering all aspects of front and back-end eCommerce infrastructure. We build eCommerce platforms 100% in-house that scale alongside your business, without limitations.
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CRM & Profile Management

Full CRM functionality that informs your eCommerce strategy

Customise user profiles to include the information that matters to you. User information can be manually entered, bulk uploaded or filled from customer account creation via your website. Set varying levels of user admin access for different members of your team. Already have a database that needs re-platforming? We’ll handle the migration and consolidation of data onto our platform.
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Order Management

Configure, organise and automate processes for incoming orders

View and manage your order information. We offer a customer experience that matches your requirements, with everything from guest purchases to custom subscriptions all managed from one place. Reduce repetitive procedures by creating workflows that automate specific order information, such as delivery, payments and user profiles.

Product & Inventory Management

Manage unlimited products, categories and tags from a single location

Integrate with real store stock systems and manage offline and online stock from a single location, our cloud-based management screen. Display both In-store and online stock live on your website, paving the way to an omnichannel strategy. Looking to integrate your POS system? We’ll work with your provider to ensure all your data is in one place.
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Real Store Management

Manage online and offline stock from a single location

Integrate with real store stock systems and manage offline and online stock from a single location, our cloud-based back-end. Display both In-store and online stock live on your website to improve the customer buying experience.

Marketplace Management

Sell where your customers are by integrating with any marketplace

Deliver an omnichannel experience across all your selling channels. No more updating images and descriptions for each marketplace. By connecting with any marketplace you can manage products and SKUs directly from the W2Cloud Platform Suite.
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Multi-Vendor Functionality

A multi-vendor solution that scales alongside your business

Whether you’re looking to expand your product offering or create an innovative new marketplace our multi-vendor capabilities are flexible and scalable. Our all-in-one platform allows for the creation of marketplaces with unlimited vendors with separate vendor panels and advanced pay-out systems. Allowing vendors to manage their settings and products while you enjoy automated pay-outs that streamline operations.

Recommendation Settings

Increase sales, basket sizes and customer satisfaction with recommendation algorithms

Boost your store revenue without increasing traffic with product recommendation algorithms. React to user behaviour with advanced selling methods such as cross-selling, upselling and bundling related and recommended products.
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