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We are proud to see the story of W2's expansion to the UK published in AtPress, a leading Japanese newspaper. To read the original piece follow this link. An English translation is provided below for your convenience.  

Press Release

W2Solution Co., Ltd. is a Japanese all-in-one eCommerce platform provider, with headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, CEO Daiki Yamada. Known as Double Two Solution in Japan the UK branch is referred to as W2Solution.

On October 23rd the UK and Japan officially signed the Free Trade Agreement (FTA). The FTA facilitates the free flow of data between the UK and Japan. This allows businesses to collect, store, process, and transfer data between the two countries. Additionally, a wider range of intra-company transfers to investors, spouses and dependents is now possible, as well as the movement of business people. At the FTA signing ceremony, W2 paid tribute to the local British embassy for encouraging the development of the eCommerce industry for both countries.

W2 will support the continued growth of the eCommerce industry in the UK which currently is the third-largest eCommerce market in the world, with Japan the fourth largest close behind.

In June 2020, W2 established an office in London, England, to provide the eCommerce platform "W2 Cloud Platform Suite" to local clients. We also plan to support Japanese businesses in their expansion to the UK.

About the FTA

The Free Trade Agreement is a treaty that establishes commitments to promote trade and investment between specific countries and regions. This is made possible by reducing the restrictions on imports and exports between signing countries.

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