Interview with company president, Daiki Yamada

"Many of the customers who watched the demonstration were pleased, and said, 'Yeah, yeah! I've wanted this!' It was an extremely happy moment for me."

That was in 1997, when he embarked on the path of an entrepreneur. Then, he encountered e-commerce, and began a career working on e-business systems.

This is Daiki Yamada.

"I don't want to be just a trader. I want to be a chosen partner."
Daiki Yamada, CEO of W2

In 1997, his first year of college, Yamada established his first company with like-minded individuals. It was an era when IT was gaining prominence, but only 6.4% of households had Internet access, and the number of Internet users was 11.5 million. These days, the percentage of households with Internet access has surpassed 80%, but back then, there were people who had not heard of the Internet.

Of course, it was a time when e-commerce was still referred to as "electronic trading", and the size of the market was small at less than 70 billion yen. It was during this time, which was also known as the era of the advent of e-commerce, that Yamada got involved with e-business systems known as e-commerce and CRM.

In 2005, Yamada left his previous company and started a new one w2solution Co., Ltd.

"There was a time when words like 'IT venture' or 'entrepreneur' were cool. But managing a company is not about being cool or stylish. Business is all about working your head off. I felt that from the bottom of my heart after going through various experiences. When I thought, 'I don't want to be just a trader. I want to be a chosen partner', I let go of what I had, and made up my mind to once again set up a company."

Yamada started a new company for the third time, establishing the corporate slogans "Enterprise Web Software Vendor No.1" and "Not just a trader, but a chosen partner". The IT bubble burst, and he made his new start amidst the less-than-favorable conditions.

The keyword is "The best form of e-commerce"

The "W2" in the company's name refers to "Win-Win". I wanted to walk hand-in-hand with my customers and be acknowledged as a good partner.

With that desire in mind, I seriously wanted to continue to be involved in the field of e-business. And I thought, I wanted to offer products and services that are used worldwide.

Living on the motto of "Let's aim for the best form of e-commerce", I spent every single day discussing my ideas with my partners from morning to night, developing, conducting tests, and then discussing more things with them again.

What we offer to clients are not simply products or services. Apart from product development and sales activities, e-commerce security was a priority in our minds, and thus acquired information security management certification (ISMS27001). Back then, less than 1,500 companies in Japan possessed this certification. In addition, in order to secure and improve our technical abilities, we became a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. w2 is the only e-commerce company among the 330 companies in Japan that are certified partners (as of Sep 2008).

There are countless system companies in Japan, but few have accomplished so much during the early stages of establishment. This is also evident in the process of product creation.

A highly expandable package system that never stops growing

We not only develop functions for immediate use but also design those that can be developed in the future. For example, it is like constructing a 2-storey shop on a foundation where a 30-storey building can be constructed. It takes a lot of effort to properly make a base that is not visible, and it is also technically difficult. Moreover, customers don't really see the value in that. However, we continue to challenge ourselves to reach the goal of making Made-In-Japan products that are acclaimed worldwide.

W2solution Co., Ltd offers the W2 product series, which is 100% developed by our own company. The series consists of "W2Commerce" for general merchandise retailers and "Repeat PLUS", which caters to repeat sales-based retailers. These two main services form the axis, and each of them is made up of 3 product groups specializing in e-commerce and CRM.

W2Commerce: General support for eCommerce website construction
W2MarketingPlanner: Execution of CRM strategies
W2CustomerSupport: Centralized management of online orders and inquiries

"Our company is capable of offering optimal services that never stop growing, catering to businesses of all kinds of walks: from those that deal with general merchandise retailers to those that deal with repeat sales-based retailers, and from startups to corporations in the growing stage, to those with annual sales of 10 billion yen."

Each of our services provides an ASP type service model and an original customizable SaaS type service model so that it can be implemented according to the client's request or growth stage.

It is also possible to switch services according to the growth stage. In addition, the services come complete with strong security measures, stable infrastructure, plenty of function groups, and high expandability. It is a package system that never stops growing.

Our product improvement service doesn't cover only fixing defects; as it also includes function updates that keep up with the times, our clients' desired functions are usually provided as a package standard or as optional features.

"Building a website that stands out is important in order to survive the intensifying competition in the world of e-commerce. To build such a website, customization is necessary. w2solution provides standard functions and optional features that can be continuously improved. In addition, we have a foundation part called a 'model'. Hence, the man-hours for customization can be reduced, and we are able to offer to customers advantages in terms of cost and website construction time. In addition, during the actual consultation, we listen to customers' requests carefully and exchange opinions, focusing on proposing a system that is actually required. Also, we present the actual cost clearly. Hence, we have also received acclaim for this point."

Our clients' representatives also remember to cater to requirements that may not surface on the onset, by implementing intricate details to the design in order to solve issues they might find a little troublesome, small complaints, or other problems.

"It's on a level where you won't be able to understand just by looking at a feature chart, so it's best to see the actual thing... Many of the customers who watched the demonstration were pleased, and said, 'Yeah, yeah! I've wanted this!' It was an extremely happy moment for me."

Of course, the task of creating an e-commerce website cannot be entrusted to a company that may go bankrupt any time. For that reason, at w2 we are constantly thinking of how to have a foundation of a strong and stable management, and we have assigned that mission to the management team. We are committed to having a thorough and consistent system in order to become a partner in the true sense of the word.

Products and services for an average sales growth rate of 354%

"Many of our customers are happy when their sales increase after using our services. Most have reported an increase of 2~3 times compared to before. Some customers, whose monthly sales figure was 10 million when they started using our services, had reported an sales increase of nearly 20 times the amount."

In fact, the average sales growth rate of all clients who switched their system to w2Commerce is 354% (compiled at the end of 2014).
Yamada, who states that his aim is for the company to continue thriving for a hundred years, will continue striving to make the e-commerce world more exciting with his clients, and turn w2solution into a leading company in the industry.

From the standpoint of a system vendor, answers to several questions such as "What are the functions? The prices? What makes you different from other companies?" have been answered. w2solution is dedicated to continue responding earnestly to these questions.

Since its establishment in 2005, the company has dived right into the field of e-commerce and CRM solutions, and is continuing to advance steadily, one step at a time, in order to provide extra value for its prices, irrespective of the industry, business type, or business model.

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