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Ms. Matsuo

Online Operations

It all started when we outsourced the cart system operations for our repeat-orders for our most popular product, the “Rested Genmai Rice Pack”.We actually saw the number of subscriptions to the orders increase higher than we envisioned, and the system we were using at the time just couldn’t handle it. Both cost and labor-intensity became a huge issue for us.

So, in an attempt to resolve the issue we decide to change our cart system to W2’s product, which meant we could see the repeat-order services and manage our customers much easier. It was cheaper than expected to implement the system, which was a huge reason behind making the choice to move.

We switched to W2, and saw that our subscription-based orders increased further in just three months compared to before choosing W2. It also includes payment gateways and login systems, so we highly recommend it for anyone that wants to increase their repeat custom and revenue!

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Mr. Eguchi


I found that eventually, I wasn’t even thinking about elements of daily operations that at one point were the bane of my working life. A key example being work needed for shipments. After working as efficiently as we could, we still found that we needed 3 people to carry out the tasks needed. But now, thanks to W2, a single member of the team can handle everything. So for us, one of the biggest things was the effect on the workload, and how you can see all of the necessary information you need in the W2 Management Screen when it comes to anything like orders and shipments.


Ms. Wada

Direct Sales and Operations

We’re in our third year with W2, and between year 2 and 3 we saw our sales literally double. The reason for us came down to an increase in the registered buyer’s club members. We also had e-Magazines sent out whenever we uploaded them to the buyer’s club and that really saw a great response.

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